Lutfur Rahman Bhuiyan (LRB) Foundation
Engage People to Enjoy Rights

Established: 2001

FD Reg. No-2059



SL  Name  Principal Occupation 
01 Engr. Md. Jamilur Rahman

Engr. Md. Jamilur Rahman, He is the Deputy General Manager (Sales & Marketing) at 

GM Engineering Ltd. He is also active in different social organization from his student life. 


Md. Jakir Hossain

Md. Jakir Hossain, he is a successful Business. He is the Proprietor of 

 New Bikrampur Glass House. He is also involve with different social activity. 

03 Jakir Hossain Matbor Businessman

Mohibulla Mahi

Mohibulla Mahi, is a Businessman. He is also involve with different social activity. 

Md. Yousuf Akand Mujibur

Md. Yousuf Akand Mujibur, is a successful Social Activist. He is the founder

Executive Director of SEBA Foundation. He is also the Chairman of INTEGRATED SOCIETY

FOR WOMEN & CHILD HEALTH (WISH). He is working this sectro since 1990.