Lutfur Rahman Bhuiyan (LRB) Foundation
Engage People to Enjoy Rights

Established: 2001

FD Reg. No-2059



LRB intends to achieve following specific objectives to reach the set goals:

  • To build capacity of target groups and bring them under social safety net towards their financial self-reliance;

  • To widen opportunity for target groups in formal and non-formal sectors of education;

  • To ensure multi-dimensional, accessible and affordable health service delivery for target groups.

  • To ensure all forms of rights of target groups;

  • To boost up firming in sectors of agriculture, fisheries and livestock towards household food security for target groups;

  • To enhance access of target groups to low-cost, sustainable and standard housing;

  • To ensure equal access of target groups to energy and technology;

  • To enhance initiatives of environment protection towards reduction of vulnerability of target groups to the impacts of climate change; and

  • To establish knowledge and information exchange mechanisms at community level.