Lutfur Rahman Bhuiyan (LRB) Foundation
Engage People to Enjoy Rights

Established: 2001

FD Reg. No-2059


Vulnerable Group Development for

Ultra-Poor (VGDUP) Project

(Income Generating Activities Training and food aid-supported development program targeted at Ultra Poor Women)   

Project Description:                                   

VGD project has been implementing with the support of Ministry of Women’s and Children Affairs to improve the livelihood of vulnerable women in Bogra Sadar Upazila under Bogra district. The project has covered 1963 vulnerable women. The activities incorporate training, material and technical support. 

Description of services:

Group Formation: For the implementation of training program, LRB Foundation has formed 80 no of groups under Bogra Sadar Upazila of Bogra District. Each group contains 20 - 25 VGD card holder women.

Savings collection: It is mandatory to collect savings from the VGD women @ 50 per week. Savings are being collected from VGD women on weekly basis in the group meeting by the field staff of LRB Foundation.

Savings deposition system: LRB Foundation deposits the collection of VGD women amount in the Bank Account of "VGD Savings Account." Which account is jointly operating by the concern Upazila Women Affairs Officers and DC of Bogra. After deposit the amount in bank the money receipt of original copy is kept in LRB Project office and send a copy to concern Upazila Women Affairs Officers.

Training Program: LRB Foundation is implementing the training program with the participation of VGD women in respective upazila. The basic part of the training is building awareness on different functional issues, contribute to change attitudes and generate commitment to bring changes in the behaviors and practices in the functional life. On the other hand, they are being received IGA skills development training to enhance the livelihoods and self-reliance through increasing income

Goal: To improve the quality of life and enhance the productive income generating opportunities of Vulnerable Group development (VGD card holder) of women

Objectives:  To provide life skill training on Income Generating Activities as well as on Nutrition, Primary Health, Human Rights, AIDs, Reproductive Health, Gender, Environment issues etc.

To provide with the training to support VGD women through subsistence allowance asset transfer and savings creation so that they can engage in self-employed income generating activities


Rehabilitated urban poor have land ownership are being organized for group formation in order to confine them under certain rules to prevent them from exploitation. In the group they learn to save money jointly for future action. Someday they engage themselves in various income generating activities with the support of RB Foundation and starts to earn good money. By this time LRB Foundation develops several house options for promising under privileged housing groups after surveying in several rehabilitated slums. The dwellers can stay in the house giving minimum rent and can ensure a hygienic life and environment.‚Äč



LRB Foundation working on child & adult literacy program has set up literacy centers in several districts. Credit operation, IGA Promotion and Bank dealings encourage this adult literacy program. The methodology on this program is motivation; teaching & learning alphabet, word making and mathematics, home task and follow up. All Logistic and education materials are supplied by LRB Foundation.

As there is lot of school dropout adolescent/children in our working area, we have tried to educate only a small portion with our small initiatives. Generally school dropout girls and boys are organized and provided them education, educational equipment, dress, nutrition food etc. By this period 200 adolescent girls and boys have been educated with organizations own fund. It is 18 months course; out of which 6 months for literacy and numeracy, next 6 month for awareness and last 6 months for skill development training and or income generation activities related. We are looking donors who can help us more as financial and technically in this issue.


LRB Foundation is very initially engaged in health education and sanitation facilities in different district for target beneficiaries in rural and urban areas by the assistance of own fund, community donations and contributions. Health education is emphasis malnutrition, immunization, hygienic education etc. The sanitary facilities for the target communities distribute single, double and private sanitary latrine in different districts. LRB has been running 375 villages’ sanitation programs through its produced ring-slabs, latrines for distribution to the general people


During Eid-ul-azha LRB held several program to distribute beef, mutton among the Street Children. LRB collect those beef from community people to share the Eid with destitute people and street children by the groups of volunteer. Poor people come from different places to have the beef of Eid-ul-azha. Each year 3 kgs meet is distributed to each person and children. On an average approximately 100 persons are given this support from LRB every year. LRB always tries to be cordial with the street children and helpless people as the main aim is to spread the ray of happiness among the all kinds of people inhabiting in our society.